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Tips to Make Your Home a Safer Place to Live

Letting ADT monitor your home is a great start for home security but there are some simple and easy things you can do to take extra precautions when it comes to providing your family with a safe home. Below are some general home safety tips for you and your family.

General Safety Tips

 Don’t Open Your Door to Strangers
Many burglars will try to look like a police officer or a delivery person; make them read off the address on your “package” to see if they really are who they say they are. If they are not who they say they are, they probably will not know your Birmingham, AL address immediately.

 Have a Family Watchdog
Having a family watchdog is always a good idea, but you can never know exactly how your dog will react in an emergency. It is a better idea to have an ADT monitored home security system and a family watchdog both working together to help keep your home and family as safe as possible.

 Mark Your Possessions
Etch your name on expensive electronic equipment; this lets the police easily identify them, and makes it harder for criminals to sell them. Write down the serial numbers, or record them on a video.

Door & Window Safety Tips

 Plant Rosebushes or Hedges
Plant rosebushes or hedges in front of any windows that may be easily broken into.

 Reinforce Doorframes
Reinforce doorframes and place multiple locks on all outside doors.

 Talk with a Locksmith
For doors that have windows (or windowed frames) find different options to standard deadbolts. Talk with a locksmith to see what is available.

Fire Safety Tips

 Don’t Leave Candles or Open Flames
Leaving candles or other open flames unattended should be avoided.

 Make Street Address Visible
So that firefighters can easily find your home in the event of an emergency, make sure that your street address is visible.

 Install Smoke Alarms
Install smoke alarms on every level of your home. Test them monthly to make sure they work. Replace the batteries yearly.

Home Safety When on Vacation

 Keep Sidewalk or Walkway Clear of Snow
In the winter, have someone you know shovel the snow off your sidewalk or walkway. During the summer, ask someone to keep your lawn maintained while you are away.

 Put Your TV or Radio on a Timer
Put your TV or radio on a timer, so it automatically goes on and off periodically throughout the day and night.

 Get Someone to Watch Your House
Ask a neighbor to watch your house. On the other hand, hire a house sitter who can, while looking after your things, earn some extra money.


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